Australian Baseball League: Cooperation with American Association and More Postponements

The other day, the Australian Baseball League announced a cooperation with the independent American Association. Also some postponements of games were announced as corona rules got more strict.

Australian Baseball League - Wikipedia

Three games between the Canberra Cavalry and the Sydney BlueSox at Sydney’s Blacktown International Sportspark, scheduled for January 1-3, have been postponed due to ongoing restrictions on travel between the Australian Capital Territory(Canberra) and New South Wales as a result of COVID-19.

These three games come on top of the three games between the two teams that were cancelled last week. The ABL will release a rescheduling shortly.

Coming weekend, there will be only one series played: The Perth Heat will open their season against the Melbourne Aces on New Year’s Eve at Melbourne Ballpark.

American Association of Professional Baseball - Wikipedia

Other news that was announced by the ABL is the cooperation between the Aussies and the “independent” baseball league, the American Association. The two leagues will collaborate in a number of key business areas under a new partnership.

A memorandum of understanding signed by the two leagues will see them partner in areas including streaming and marketing and also opens the door for personnel exchanges for players, umpires, coaches and administrative staff.

Baseball Australia chief executive Cam Vale stated that “The basis of this partnership will be to align our strengths and combine to support mutual growth and benefit from 2021 onwards, as we all seek to recover and then thrive through COVID.”

This partnership creates a big advantage for baseball fans as the American Association will stream ABL games, starting in January and the ABL will stream American Association games later next year.

About 20 ABL games will be streamed at

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