$1 Beer Night Brawl at Indy League Game

I guess we are used to bench clearing brawls on a baseball diamond. It doesn’t happen every day, but once in a while it occurs. But a brawl between players and fans? It happened last night during a game between the Sussex County Miners and the New Jersey Jackals in the independent Frontier League.

Something like this occurred about forty years ago in the Netherlands when “fans” of HCAW in Bussum in the Netherlands, threatened to attack the opponent’s player wives. As a result the players of the opponent walked into the stands and defended their significant others.

Last night, it was during a Frontier League game. The home team, the New Jersey Jackals had a $1 beer night promotion. If this was a good idea is highly doubtful as you will always have persons who cannot behave themselves, which happened last night.

According to eye witnesses, one “fan” poured some beer over a Miner player’s head and hell broke loose.

After some quarrels, the game resumed and the Sussex County Miners beat the New Jersey Jackals 15-14.

It is understandable that minor league clubs try everything to lure fans to the ballpark, but $1 beer nights seem to be not the best promotion. As written before, there will always be persons that cannot behave when they are drunk. And likely getting drunk is a reason for some people to come to promotions like this.

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