Fans Allowed at Dutch Hoofdklasse Games

The Dutch government has appointed the Dutch baseball hoofdklasse as a COVID-19 pilot project to see if fans in the stands will be possible.

New Normal in Baseball Game Played in Empty Stadium During COVID-19

As a test project, fans will be allowed during a period of two weeks, starting in the weekend of 22nd of May (Thursdays included).

There are some but and ifs, though. One needs to show a negative corona test. And the number of seats is limited, 150 per game as the seats need to be 1.5 meters apart from each other. Normally, you can stand around the playing field, but this is not allowed either.

Tickets are free but need to be reserved through the internet. If you were able to get a reservation, you will need to take a corona test, 48 hours before the game. Testing can be done at one of the testing locations at, which is free. If you have a negative test result, you will get a QR-code that will be scanned at the entrance.

It may be clear that you won’t get any access if you had a positive test result.

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