Belgian Baseball to Start in Weekend of June 11, 12, and 13

The Belgian Baseball and Softball Federation (KBBSF) has announced the new starting date of the Belgian Leagues. For all leagues, the competition will start in the weekend of June 11, 12, and 13.


As announced before, there will be a format change for the highest league. The former Baseball Gold league and the Eerste Klasse will merge into a new league, Division 1. There will be two groups based on the rankings of 2019. In each group there will be two round robins.

After the round robins, there will be a split. The top three finishers of each group will advance to the Baseball Gold Division and the bottom three teams of each group will go to the Baseball Silver Division. The top two teams of the Baseball Gold Division, will advance to the Belgian Series to decide who will be the Belgian champion. The bottom team of the Baseball Silver Division, will relegate to Division 2.

Due to the late start of the season, the competitions will run until mid-October. So because of that, three round robins will be played instead of the usual four.

The KBBSF also will use new competition software and a new website as well:

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