Somerset Patriots Unveil New Jerseys

With a big wink to the parent club, the new AA farm team of the Yankees have unveiled their new uniforms. Once again, a minor league club wants to look like the parent club.

The Somerset Patriots did not only leave their identity behind by joining the new style Minor League Baseball that is now run by MLB instead of being a merely self sufficient organization, but with the new uniforms, the club is one of the minor league clubs that do everything to look like and to please the parent club. The Hudson Valley Renegades, the new High A farm team of the Yankees, made a similar move.

Of course the home jersey still sports the name Patriots but the club has adopted pinstripes, something they have never worn before and it is not an improvement.

Luckily the name on the chest of the home jersey is still in the traditional navy script with a burgundy outline just like the uniform numbers. The road jersey is almost a complete clone of that of the parent club. The same kind of gray and the same block font that says “Somerset.”

The only original jersey is the navy alternate that sports Patriots, but also in the same block font as the Yankees have on their road jersey. Both the road jersey and the alternate jersey will be worn with grey road pants. 

The similarities between the three jerseys are the secundary lPatriots logo on the left sleeve and the primary Yankees logo on the right sleeve. Of course all three jerseys have the old minor league logo on the back. That old logo will be replaced by the standardized MLB clone next year.

The Instagram post below shows some of the old uniforms the Patriots once worn. They are by far better than the new ones, especially the sleeveless jerseys.

Normally I am always looking forward to new minor league uniforms, but this is a major disappointment. At least the caps remain the same; they belong to the better ones in the minors.

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