Austrian Baseball Club Appoints Female Manager

While in the US, some baseball clubs have appointed female coaches, the Austrian Dornbirn Indians have assigned a woman as their head coach. The Bundesliga club has named US citizen Marin Pschorr as their new head coach.

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Pschorr wasn’t the first choice of the club. But after the first two candidates could not join the club due to the corona virus, the board of the club eventually opted for Pschorr. She doesn’t have much of baseball experience but like the female coaches in the US, she has a past in softball. For the board of the club, this wasn’t a problem.

Marin Pschorr spent her active college career at the prestigious UCLA University in West Los Angeles. With the Bruins, she was in the College World Series finals in three out of four college seasons and won one of them. After she ended her college career, Marin joined the Dornbirn Sharx. After a professional (non softball) career in the US, she returned to the Dornbirn Sharx and stood at the helm of the club. But after one season, in which she guided the Sharx to the Austrian State championship, she returned to a professional career as sports marketeer. The marketing company she is working for, WWP is the Co-Account Director of ABB in the Formula E. But since the pandemic doesn’t allow them to travel around the world, Marin now has time to guide the flagship team of the Dornbirn Indians through the 2021 season. As a result, Pschorr is the first ever woman to become the head coach in the Austrian 1. Bundesliga.

Dornbirn Indians on Twitter: "… "

The first training sessions have also already shown that the decision is anything but an experiment. The Indians are happy and grateful that Marin, who is also supported by experienced Indians players, has taken on this task, according to their website.

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