Danville Baseball Unveils Moniker

It has been announced for at least two weeks. The former Danville Braves of the Appalachian League, would unveil its new moniker today.

After three decades, the team from Danville finally has its own identity. Today the club presented its new name after, like the complete Appalachian League, was pushed aside by MLB in order to save the MLB owners money: Danville Otterbots.


After the team organized a name the team contest, over 600 suggestions were entered. From traditional to modern, to outright wild and wacky. From all suggestions, the best options were chosen to discuss with the fans and from those talks, the name Otterbots appeared to be the best option. According to the club, the new name has playfulness and symbolism of otters and the future of STEM education and new industry across the southside. It is supposed to be unique to Danville and the Southside.

The Otterbots’ primary blue is designed to honor the Dan River and highlight the role it played in building the tobacco and textile industries that defined Danville for generations. The team’s secondary orange, featured in the otter’s eyes, is closely aligned with the color of the HOME sign, formerly above Dan River Fabrics, currently adorned in the River District on Main St. The tobacco industry, the mills and the HOME sign were three more recurring themes seen in name submissions.

In the coming weeks, the Otterbots (what’s in a name?) will reveal alternate logos and merchandise. Also a mascot will be presented.

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