Fewer Specialty Uniforms/Caps In The Minors in 2021, MiLB Changes Its Logo

The bullying continues. If cutting 40 teams and abolishing the old league names wasn’t bad enough, MLB continues to leave its negative mark on MiLB. Now the moloch is cutting down the number of specialty caps and jerseys in Minor League Baseball.

According to Baseball America,  MLB sent a memo to minor league teams telling them that while they can use any alternate identity caps they had already purchased and have been approved under the old system, no new caps will be approved for 2021, as MLB is setting up a new alternate brand process that appears to be more involved than the previous process.

For Minor League teams, these alternate identity caps and jerseys are a way to earn an extra buck. The fans love them. But apparently, MLB doesn’t care about that. Promotional jerseys that are different from a team’s standard uniform are still allowed, as long as teams submit them for approval well before the time they are unveiled, so likely the Copa de la Diversion promotion is unaffected by this move.

For teams that were in doubt about the fact if they were even going to be around in 2021, it will be tough to get a new alternate identity cap applied for and approved in 2020. This does mean that there will likely be less one-day rebrands around the minors in 2021.

What the reason behind this move is, is yet unclear but for sure MLB has found a way to kill a part of the fun of Minor League Baseball.

Besides that, MiLB has changed its logo (or is it MLB that did this?). It is a minor change though. The stars in the logo has been relocated and the logo itself has gotten a bit less high. The dimensions are now similar to that of the MLB logo.

Minor League Baseball - Wikipedia
Old MiLB logo
Minor League Baseball - Wikipedia
New MiLB logo

Sources say the logo was changed to emphasize the close alignment between MiLB and MLB. Or could it be to emphasize MiLB’s dependence on MLB?

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