Municipality will look for buyer for ETO Ballpark in Hoofddorp

Last night, the city council of Haarlemmermeer made a decision regarding the ETO Ballpark, home of Hoofddorp Pioniers. Recently you could read here that a local political party presented a plan to sell the ballpark to the highest bidder.


The city council had four options to choose from. All options would cost the municipality of Haarlemmermeer a lot of money. Two options would have cost the municipality at least 1.8 million Euros so these two options were dropped.

The only option that would end the farce called ETO Ballpark, was the bankruptcy of the ETO foundation, which is running the ballpark. But this option would have cost an additional 5 million Euros. For that amount the case would be closed for good but the council did not opt for that option as you may understand.

The option the council chose for was to continue the way they have done in the past.
The ETO foundation will keep running the ballpark and the city will be the guarantor of an annual amount of 250,000 Euros. But the plan of the local party to sell the ballpark is now part of this option.

The only positive thing about this plan is that Dutch hoofdklasse club Hoofddorp Pioniers can keep playing at this beautiful facility. When the plans for this ballpark were developed, in an attempt to lure MLB games to the Netherlands, it was envisioned that the club would be the main tenant of the facility.

The former alderman who is responsible for this financial mess, Michael Bezuijen, has left the barn many years ago. As a reward for the “good” work he did in the municipality Haarlemmermeer, he was appointed mayor of the city of Rijswijk in 2013, which he still is to date. In the meantime, Bezuijen has been proposed as the new mayor of Zoetermeer. If everything will go according to plan, he will be installed on October 1st.


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