Baseball is back in the Netherlands

No baseball before July 1, according to Baseball Mauricie

After a long wait, a lot of lobbying by the KNBSB and the NOC/NSF, the Dutch government announced that some coronavirus rules will be loosened. On of the facilitations is the permission for summer sports and contact sports to play games again, starting July 1st.

This means that sports like cricket and baseball will be allowed to play games again.

Since most ballplayers have been training since mid-May so they should be ready to play several practice games. As the intention is to play practice games for three weeks, it is expected that the competition will start in the final weekend of July.

For now, we have to wait on a statement by the KNBSB and the schedule the Federation has been puzzling on.

But at least the decision has been made. Baseball in the Netherlands is back!!!

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