Italian Serie A1: another team drops out

After two teams stepped back in the past week, a third team has decided to withdraw from the 2020 Serie A1 competition in Italy. Next to Rangers Redipuglia, Grizzlies Torino, it was announced yesterday that Nettuno Baseball City has opted to sit out the season.

The farce named 2020 Serie A1 continues…

With the withdrawal of Nettuno Baseball City, the number of teams that will start the Serie A1 season now stands at seven. The participating teams are reigning champions Fortitudo Bologna, Parmaclima, Collecchio, Godo Knights, San Marino, Hotsand Macerata, and… Nettuno 2.

No photo description available.At another teleconference between the Serie A1 clubs (eight after the withdrawal of Torino) today, Nettuno Baseball City announced its withdrawal. The reason behind this decision is the lack of sponsors thus making it impossible to put together a team. Earlier this year, the three Cubans that played for the club last year, made a move to Nettuno 2. This move was the start of draining the lifeblood away from Nettuno Baseball City.

There were some persistent rumors that the situation for both the Nettuno teams of the Serie A1 was not good. For Nettuno Baseball City that rumor now proves to be right. What remains is Nettuno 2 as representative of the city of Nettuno. The question remains where will that team play as the Stadio Steno Borghese is in very bad shape, so don’t be surprised if that club will also withdraw in the coming weeks.

Stadio Steno Borghese in state of desrepair

Nettuno 2 once started as a Serie B (back then second-tier league) franchise of what is now Nettuno BC 1945. But now Nettuno 2 is an own entity.

The remaining clubs will have to sit around the table at least one more time to decide what the schedule for 2020 will look like. According to, the number of games per club will be increased to 24. The semi-finals and finals will be played in a best-of-five format.



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