2021 World Baseball Classic very unlikely

According to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes, the 2021 World Baseball Classic will not be played. When it will take place is not clear yet.

World Baseball Classic - WikipediaRojas added that the organizers think the tournament cannot be played before 2023.
Games for the fifth World Baseball Classic were set to be held in Taiwan, Japan,  and the United States. The field of teams was expected to be expanded from 16 to 20 countries.

The 2020 Qualifiers in Arizona were cancelled in March due to the coronavirus outbreak. The other day, WBSC chairman Riccardo Fraccari announced a “plan” to limit the World Baseball Classic to a final four tournament after regional tournaments are played at various locations in the world. The winners of these four regionals will advance to the final four that will be held in the USA. According to Fraccari, it is a way to be prepared because it may not be realistic to concentrate sixteen teams at one location.

Anyhow, nothing is official yet, but with the current situation skipping the 2021 edition of the WBC might be a wise decision although it is hard to look into the future. If MLB takes this decision it may be very premature as the situation around the coronavirus may improve in the coming ten months.

It is not clear if the tournament will return in 2023 or if MLB will skip four years to return in 2025.

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