Only 50 spectators per game in Czech Extraliga

Fighting FliesIn an attempt to make baseball possible without spreading the coronavirus, the Czech Baseball Association (CBA) has decided that only fifty fans per game are allowed for the time being.

According to the Czech baseball website (we love baseball), clubs are finding their way to deal with this order by the CBA.

In an article on its website, Milujeme Baseball uses multiple Czech champions, Draci (Dragons) Brno as an example. The club will keep the gates closed for the regular fans. Instead, they will allow youth players and their parents to attend the home games of the flagship team. Also, members of the club will be allowed to attend games but all within the limits of 50 persons per game.

The club is hopeful that the situation will normalize in several weeks so more fans can fill the stands. Until then they have to deal with an obnoxious situation.

So far, the Czech Extraliga is the only baseball league in Europe to start up in short notice. The planned opening date is May 22nd. Italy is the other country to start its competition as the SerieA1 is scheduled to start on June 14 with an alternate date of July 12 in case the containment of the coronavirus is not going according to plan.

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