WBSC suspends nine players after brawl

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor WBSC Baseball

After Saturday’s game between Spain and Italy (which was won by Spain), hell broke loose and both teams got involved in a brawl.

As a result of this brawl, the WBSC studied the footage of the brawl and decided to suspend and fined nine players for a total of 67 games.

The individuals suspended are player Drew Maggi (12 games) and staff member Vincenzo Mignola (3) of Italy.
The other individuals suspended are players Fernando Baez, Javier Monzon, Andres Perez (12 games), Lowin Sacramento, Jesus Ustariz (5 games), Engel Beltre, Lesther Galvan (3 games), all of Spain.

WBSC applied the maximum economic fine and suspension possible based on WBSC Tournament Regulations. Furthermore, the individuals mentioned above were allowed to enter the competition stadium premises for the remainder of the tournament anymore.

You can only wonder how well the footage has been studied as it is clear that more than two Italians were involved in the fight as you can see at the end of the video below.


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