Impact of anti-corona decision by Dutch government exceeds Hoofdklasse competition

The other day, you could read in a blog post about the decision of the Dutch government to ban all sports games until September 1st. The Dutch Baseball Hangout reported that thanks to this measure the 2020 baseball season is practically over. But the impact of this decision is huge. Even more, than I did imagine.

The Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reported about the enormous impact of the ban of sports games. Both the KNBSB (Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation) and the KNCB (Royal Dutch Cricket Federation) sounded the alarm bell in a letter to the NOC/NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee and the Dutch Sports Federation).

In the letter, they state that the government has only looked to big sports like soccer and field hockey. The Dutch government clearly overlooked a sport like baseball. The KNBSB also states that baseball is not a contact sport, which is only partially true IMHO.

Besides the loss of members and the loss of income, the ban on playing games also impacts the games of team Kingdom of the Netherlands. There is still a postponed Olympic Qualifier to be played in 2021 and also a projected World Baseball Classic. Without any competition in the Netherlands, it will mean that the players will lack any competition rhythm and as a result, the performance will be affected by this. With no Hoofdklasse season in 2020, players will not play any game for eighteen months.

Both the KNBSB and the KNCB are asking the NOC/NSF for a tailor-made suit. And even though the three parties will have a talk next week, the NOC/NSF is pointing to the Dutch government. According to the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, the NOC/NSF will point out to the Dutch government that there are several sports branches that are severely affected by the decision.

One must give the KNBSB credit for the fact that it is doing all it can to salvage (a part of) the baseball season.


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