Salary dispute in MLB. Who to sympathize with?

Recently the MLB owners agreed on cutting salaries of MLB players due to the postponed season and the loss of income. Players reluctantly agreed.

The league approved a salary deal in which the players will divide a $170 million lump sum payment amongst themselves. Their 2020 salaries will be paid on a “pro-rata” basis based on the number of games played.

But according to NBC Sports lead writer Craig Calcaterra MLB owners are looking for more salary to be cut as they claim they lose money because they lack the income of gate revenue.

They lack the income of gate revenue… Rather strange as nowadays MLB clubs are less dependent on ticket sales due to lucrative TV deals.

These are the same owners who want to overhaul the minor league landscape in order to save money. These are the same owners who don’t care about the impact on the communities if they are going to kill 42 MiLB clubs. These owners complain they are losing some money even though they are filthy rich.

The players on the other side make millions if not tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions on long term contracts. Now, all of a sudden, they feel sorry for themselves because they get a pay cut. Sure, it is never nice to deal with that. But of course, it is hard to make ends meet when you get an amount of $266,000 for a season that is cut short. While they feel sorry for themselves, they seem to forget that their fans have to deal with a pay cut too. A pay cut of which the impact is much bigger. Plenty of their fans even lost their job and don’t even get unemployment benefits. In that perspective it must be pretty tough to take a pay cut when you are making millions.

Now I am really wondering who to sympathize with. The owners? The players? Actually I am disgusted with the greed of both sides. It gives me another reason to turn my back on Major League Baseball.




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