CEB cancels all remaining international tournaments

In a press release, the CEB has announced today that all remaining European international tournaments will be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

CEB – KBBSF – FRBBSAs a result, the U18 European championship and the European Championship for B countries have been cancelled as well. The U18 European Championship was postponed before to September or October earlier this year. The same goes for the European Championship for B countries.

Also, the U15 European Championship Qualifiers in Hoboken (Belgium) and Trnava (Slovakia), the U23 European Championship Qualifiers in Moscow (Russia) and Utena (Lithuania) have been cancelled now.

A decision whether some of those competitions shall be played or cancelled next year in regards to the 2021 calendar and World Cup qualifications process will be made later this year.

Earlier this year, the European Champions Cup, the CEB Cup and the Federations Cup were cancelled as a result of the coronavirus.



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