José Bautista may represent Spain in 2021 WBC

Pending on the fact if Spain will qualify for the main tournament, it was announced today that José Bautista may represent Spain in next year’s World Baseball Classic. 

It also depends on if Bautista will be called up for the Dominican team. If that is the case, he will play for the Dominican Republic but if they surpass him, he will play for Spain, he stated according to a Tweet.

Since the father of José Bautista is a Spanish citizen, Bautista can represent the Iberians.
After the Blue Jays did not offer him a new contract in 2018, he played for three different MLB clubs: The Atlanta Braves, the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets. His batting average with these clubs was not really impressive anymore as he hit a sub-par .203. Even though he hasn’t played a game since 2018, he would be a formidable reinforcement for the Spanish team nevertheless.

For now, we first need to see when the World Baseball Classic Qualifiers will be played or even IF they will be played. Assuming Spain will make the main tournament, it will be wise if the RFIBS (Royal Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation) will contact Bautista already to convince him to join Spain. Perhaps they can even convince him to join them with the WBC Qualifier.



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