MLB helps out minor leaguers

As many MLB clubs vowed to pay their stadium workers during the coronavirus, it was a matter of time before they would step up to help their minor leaguers. Normally minor leaguers are not paid for their work during spring training but in this case their situation was unsustainable.

Yesterday, MLB announced  a league-wide initiative that will create a level of uniform compensation for Minor League players, covering the period between now and the originally scheduled start of the minor league season. MLB is taking this initial step today because the postponement of the baseball season affects minor league players and their families in a very negative way as they did not get paid.  MLB intends to continue working with all 30 Clubs to identify additional ways to support those players due to the delayed 2020 season.

Each minor leaguer with a  Uniform Player Contract will receive single payment which equals the salary that would have been paid through April 8th. The exceptions to this are non-40-man-roster players who are already receiving Major League allowances; players who are currently receiving housing, food or other services from Clubs; and players who were not participating in, or expected to participate in, Minor League Spring Training.

The expectation is that more of those payments will follow the longer it will take before the season will start.

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