The double standards of MLB

You may all have read about the punishment the Astros got for their sign stealing that brought them the World Series win in 2017. With this verdict MLB shows its double standards in more than one way.

Of course MLB did the right thing to punish the Astros. Who likes cheaters anyway, except for New England Patriot fans perhaps 😉? But by punishing the Astros, MLB shows it is two-faced. First of all there are no clear rules that prohibit sign stealing. If it is really such a big deal to Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred should have created a rule against sign stealing after the Red Sox were caught with their Apple watches a few years ago.

By letting the Astros keeping their World Series title, MLB shows another piece of double standards. It is hard to believe that the owner of the Astros, who fired Hinch and Luhnow hypocritically to save the face of the franchise, did not know about the scam.
It is impossible to tell which team would have won the World Series if the Astros had not cheated but MLB could strip the Astros from their World Series title.

The fact the Astros can keep their World Series title is a slap in the face of players like Joe Jackson and Pete Rose. By doing this, MLB should really reconsider the HOF eligibility of the aforementioned players. Sure Jackson and Rose did something inexcusable but is it really so much worse than the Astros did?

True, Joe Jackson admitted to have thrown the 1919 World Series. But according to his fans, there is no proof he really did. One may wonder how a player with a .375 batting average, six RBI, a .394 OBP and a .563 slugging percentage may have thrown the World Series.

For Pete Rose, things were a bit different. After a Hall of Fame career, he became manager of the Cincinnati Reds and bet on games of his own team. Even though there was no proof of Rose betting against his team, as a manager he could control games and make decisions that would help him win money. But again NO proof.

In the cases of Jackson and Rose, MLB remains firm and does not allow both to be eligible for the Hall of Fame, a place both players belong. But as a ball club is cheating its World Series title remains untouched.

Talk about double standards.



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