Spain’s Competition to Start at the End of August

Recently you could read here that the Spanish Baseball Federation would organize a tournament early September to decide which club would be the Spanish champion. This was wrong. The tournament was intended to serve as the Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup). Yesterday the RFEBS decided that the Spanish season will start on August 30.

The Spanish División de Honor will also take off at the end of August and will last until November 8 with room for what they call a recovery day in case games are postponed for whatever reason.

This will mean that the eight clubs of the División de Honor will only play seven games for the season. The team that ends on top of the league at the end, will be Spanish champion.

For the RFEBS it is a better way to finish a 2020 season than totally doing nothing as the Federation celebrates its 75th anniversary.

The schedule will be released as soon as the clubs have agreed upon it.

Even though no team can be demoted, there are options to be promoted from the second-tier league.

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