Fort Myers Miracle drops moniker

After twenty-eight seasons as the Miracle, the Fort Myers Florida State League franchise has adopted a new identity. From today, the club will be known as Fort Myers Mighty Mussels. 

The name and the logos were unveiled to the public during a ballpark news conference on Tuesday morning. According to the new owner, Andrew Kaufman, the Miracle moniker had a “disconnect” with the Fort Myers community. The logo and name originally were used when the team was located in Miami in 1989. After a lot of thinking, two requirements popped up: The new name should be regionally specific while also reflect a healthy, active lifestyle.

Kaufman stated: “When you walk along the beach and spot a mussel shell, looking at its colors as the light reflects off the black shell, there’s purple, light blue and orange. Well, those would be cool colors from a character development standpoint. Think Disney, but edgy.”

For MiLB’s royal warrant holder Brandiose, the new logo was quite a challenge: “Does it have to look like what a mussel actually looks like? Because if you’re too literal, people will look at it and go, ‘What is that?'” he said. “You have to think of both the reality as well as the fiction that is perpetuated. Mickey Mouse might not look too much like a mouse, but people see a mouse. It was the same kind of thing here.”

Next to the new name and logos, the press conference was used to present a new comic book, which would be a big part in character development. The Mighty Mussels are not the first fishy club with that idea. Recently the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp presented a comic book with the team’s logo as the main character.

The Mighty Mussels’ primary logo features the musclebound mussel pointing skyward gesture. Next to the main logo, there is a pair of alternate logos. One features the mussel pumping a baseball-weighted dumbbell, while the other features two mussels enthusiastically greeting one another, which is a nod to the logo of the parent club  Minnesota Twins.

The club also presented a couple of caps. The home cap is navy and sports the logo that points to the sky.
Schermafbeelding 2019-12-03 om 19.49.54
Next to the navy home cap, the club sports two alternate caps. One purple and one gray with a purple lid that sports the tribute to the Minnesota Twins logo.

Schermafbeelding 2019-12-03 om 19.51.20

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