2020 CEB cup goes to Sénart

On their website, the Templiers de Sénart announced they have been appointed the organization of the 2020 CEB cup. The French runner up will host an international tournament like this for the first time.

The Templiers de Sénart was the runner up in this year’s French championship as they fell to the Rouen Huskies in a best of seven series. As the Templiers de Sénart won the Challenge de France, the club was entitled to participate in the CEB cup anyways.

Next to the Templiers de Sénart, the following clubs will participate in this tournament: Dornbirn Indians (Austria), Deurne Spartans (Belgium), Minsk (Belarus), Eagles Praha (Czech Republic), Tenerife Marlins (Spain, Therwil Flyers (Switzerland) and Biotexcom-KNTU (Ukraine). 

The winner of the tournament earns the right for its country to participate in the European Champions Cup in the following year. This year, the Heidenheim Heideköpfe won the CEB cup and as the club won the German championship this year as well, it is allowed to participate in the ECC next year.  Last year, the Borgerhout Squirrels won the CEB cup but as the club did not manage to win the Belgian championship, the Deurne Spartans could participate in the ECC. As the latter remained winless in this year’s ECC, the club will play in the CEB cup again.

The CEB cup will take place from June 2nd or 3rd until June 6th or 7th, 2020.

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