Michael Duursma new manager of L&D Amsterdam Pirates

On their website, Amsterdam Pirates have announced that former Pirate Michael Duursma will be the flagship team’s new manager. This after Brian Finnegan told the club he won’t be available for the 2020 season.


No photo description available.
Michael Duursma will pull on the L&D Amsterdam Pirates jersey again (photo: © Dutch Baseball Hangout)


Duursma played for a variety of clubs in the Dutch hoofdklasse, L&D Amsterdam Pirates was the last one before he retired from an active playing career: HCAW, Neptunus, and  Pioniers were the other clubs, Duursma played for.

After his active career, Duursma joined the Kennemerland Rabbits baseball academy as their technical coordinator. Next to that occupation, Duursma was manager of the Dutch U-15 national team.

During his playing years, Michael Duursma played in the United States where he played for Cypress College in 1998 and 1999  and for the Purdue Boilermakers in 2000 and 2001. In 2000, he debuted for the Dutch national team. From 2005 he was a steady value for the Dutch national team as he played during that year’s European Championship and the World Cup. Also in 2006, he was part of the Dutch team during the World Cup. In 2008 he debuted at the Olympics and in 2006 he was part of the Dutch team that participated in the inaugural World Baseball Classic. He was also a part of the Dutch team that participated in the 2009 and 2013 World Baseball Classics. Duursma has a total of 178 caps for the Dutch national team.

Unfortunately, not all stats of his career are available online but in the last ten years of his career, Duusma hit .281 with sixty-one doubles and six triples.
Thanks to Jan van der Sande, I got the lifetime stats of Michael Duursma’s twenty-one -year hoofdklasse career: .286 batting average, ninety-two doubles, fifteen triples and one home run.

The fact that Brian Finnegan will not be available for the 2020 season comes a bit as a surprise. Especially after this successful season in which Pirates won the Dutch championship and finished as runner up in the European Champions Cup.

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