2019 Olympic Qualifier: Dutch deal loss to Czech Republic

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor baseball olympic qualifier In the opening game of the Olympic Qualifier Tournament in Parma, the Netherlands got their revenge for the defeat that was dealt by the Czech Republic in last week’s European Championship. 
In less than two hours the Dutch won by four runs to one.

In the first inning, the Kingdom of the Netherlands took a 1-0 lead. Calten Daal led off with a single to center field. A failed pickoff attempt allowed Daal to advance to third base from where he scored on Roger Bernadina’s 6-3 groundout.

But in the top of the fourth inning, the Czech Republic tied the game. With runners on the corners, Martin Muzik singled through the left side and drove in Martin Cervenka.
In the bottom of the fourth, Ademar Rifaela proved to be a slugger once more with a towering solo home run to right field.

After Calten Daal bunted over two runners, Roger Bernadina singled home Dwayne Kemp and John Polonius in the bottom of the fifth. The Czechs on the other side had an aggressive approach that gave them seven hits, which led to their sole run in the fourth inning. Thanks to several double plays more damage could be prevented.

In the remaining innings not much happened anymore.

The Dutch had a hard time to read the pitches of Ondrej Satoria. He used a variety of pitches and speed which kept the Dutch offense off-balanced.

Orlando Yntema: eight innings and the win (photo: WBSC)

Orlando Yntema pitched eight innings for the win. He allowed one run on eight hits as he struck out seven. In the ninth, Yntema was replaced by Kevin Kelly, who allowed one hit for the save.

The best Dutch hitter was Roger Bernadina, who went 2 for 4 with three RBI.



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