My top ten of MLB logos

It is a bit silent regarding baseball news, so I thought it was time to post an item about the top ten of MLB logos that I like. I start with number ten and count down to nr. one.
10. Toronto Blue Jays

The current Toronto Blue Jays logo is clearly a spin off of the logo that the club sported
from their inaugural season (1977) until 1997. What I like about this logo, that was (re-)introduced in 2012, is the simplicity. In a few lines a blue jays head is drawn.

9. Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles (2012 - Pres)According to this logo is the alternate logo of the Orioles. But since it is shown everywhere (website, Facebook, Twitter) I dare to say that this is the main logo of the Orioles. The current logo is a spin off of the that was introduced in 1966 and evolved through the decades until 1989. IMHO this logo is quirky and the comic look doesn’t make it all too serious.

8. Kansas City Royals

Since the club’s inception in 1969, the logo hasn’t changed much. The first change of the logo was in 1979 as the script of the name Royals changed. Until 2002 the R and the abbreviation for Kansas City  (KC) stayed in the crest of the logo. Only in 2002 the R disappeared and was replaced by the KC moniker. I like this logo because of its simplicity.

7. Miami Marlins

Even though I loath the Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, I must admit that he did a fine job by creating this logo. I like it because it is far from traditional. It is modern with unusual colors. The current logo replaced the previous one shortly before the Marlins moved into their new  ballpark in Miami. The team changed its moniker from Florida Marlins into Miami Marlins.

6. Seattle Mariners

The current Mariners logo was introduced in 1993 as the team left the M’s logo on a baseball background. The current logo has a nice set of colors with the teal and navy.
I like the logo because it shows the link between baseball and the maritime history of Seattle with the baseball backgroud and the mariner’s compass.
In 2015 the logo got a spin off as it was created with the yellow and royal blue original colors that the M’s sported since their inception until 1993.

5. Minnesota Twins

The current Minnesota Twins alternate logo is a spin off  of the original 1961 primary logo. It shows two players shaking hands. One player stands on the Minneapolis side and the other on the Saint Paul side of the Mississippi river. I like the logo because it clearly explains the name Twins, referring to the Twin Cities Minneapolis and St. Paul.

4. Atlanta Braves

Even though the name of the club is rather controversial, the team sports a nice logo. It is Atlanta Braves Logoworn on their jerseys since 1987. It became the main logo in 1990 as it replaced the Native American Head that had been the main logo since the team’s inaugural year in Atlanta in 1966. The current logo was also worn on the jerseys of the Boston Braves (1946-1952) and Milwaukee Braves (1953-1962).

3. New York Mets

The other club from New York sports one of the nicest logos in the MLB.
The original logo was introduced in the team’s inaugural season 1962. Through the decades the logo underwent only minor changes, two in total. The last adaption was in 1999 when the NY logo was removed and the bridge at the bottom of the logo was changed a bit. What I like about this logo is that it shows the New York skyline

2. New York Yankees

I know, I know. This is my Yankees bias. But this logo is a classic. It saw light in 1946 after a quick evolution from a logo without a circular shape to the one that the Yankees currently sport on the sleeve of their dugout jackets. The logo underwent a minor change in 1968 to the one that we know nowadays.

1. Saint Louis Cardinals

This logo is a classic as well. It evolved from the original 1922 logo that showed two cardinals sitting on a baseball bat. In fact, the Cards’ home jersey sport a more stylish similar logo. The 1922 logo evolved through the decadeds. It has seen different shades of red.
I like the logo because it is stylish and because it is a classic.


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