2022 Dutch hoofdklasse: Round 2, Day 2

On the second day of the second round in the 2022 Dutch hoofdklasse, the following games were scheduled: RCH-Pinguïns @ Silicon Storks, DSS/Kinheim @ HCAW, Quick Amersfoort @ L&D Amsterdam Pirates, and Hoofddorp Pioniers @ Oosterhout Twins RCH Memorie Sieraden  9  -  1  Silicon StorksAfter a victory in a rather close game on Thursday night, …

2022 Dutch hoofdklasse: Round 2, Day 1

On the first day (night) of the second round of the 2022 season of the Dutch hoofdklasse, the following matches were scheduled: HCAW @ DSS/Kinheim, Silicon Storks @ RCH-Pinguïns, Oosterhout Twins @ Hoofddorp Pioniers, and L&D Amsterdam Pirates @ Quick Amersfoort. HCAW  6  -  2  DSS/KinheimLeaving twelve runners on base and still losing. That was …

2022 Dutch hoofdklasse: Round 1, Day 3

Today, for the first time in this short season, all scheduled games were played: DSS/Kinheim @ Curaçao Neptunus, Hoofddorp Pioniers @ HCAW, RCH-Pinguïns @ L&D Amsterdam Pirates, and Quick Amersfoort @ Oosterhout Twins. Unlike last Thursday, when Pirates and Twins both lost, there were no surprises today. A day with victories for all home teams. …

2022 Dutch hoofdklasse: Round 1, Day 2

After some make-up games last night, it was time for the second day of round two. Unfortunately, the game between Oosterhout Twins and Quick Amersfoort was canceled but the other three games (HCAW @ Hoofddorp Pioniers, Curaçao Neptunus @ DSS/Kinheim, and L&D Amsterdam Pirates @ RCH-Pinguïns) were played. HCAW  9  -  4  Hoofddorp PioniersWhat was …

2022 Dutch hoofdklasse: Round 1, Game 1

With two games rained out tonight, the games between host L&D Amsterdam Pirates and RCH Pinguïns and Quick Amersfoort @ Oosterhout Twins continued despite the inclement weather in most parts of the Netherlands. RCH-Pinguïns  24  -  18  L&D Amsterdam PiratesAfter thirteen years, RCH-Pinguïns is back in the Dutch hoofdklasse. Likely, the club's return was more …

Gianni Frolijk Joins Mainz Athletics

The other day, the Mainz Athletics announced the acquisition of Gianni Frolijk in an Instagram post. The Dutch infielder joins the two-time German champions for the 2022 season. photo courtesy of Henk Seppen After spending three years in the Dutch hoofdklasse with HCAW (2) and Hoofddorp Pioniers, Frolijk decided to take a step back to …

Various Transactions in The Dutch Hoofdklasse

As we have paid attention to the top four teams already, we will pay attention to the remaining five teams and the transactions they made for the 2022 season. The following teams will be put into the spotlight: Quick Amersfoort, Silicon Storks, Hoofddorp Pioniers, RCH-Pinguïns, and DSS/Kinheim.Quick Amersfoort A lot of players came and a …

RCH-Pinguïns Earns Promotion to The Dutch Hoofdklasse

Four years after the promotion of Silicon Storks to the Dutch hoofdklasse, a new team will knock on the door of the Walhalla of Dutch Baseball. Of all clubs, it is Silicon Storks that lost the second match of the promotion/relegation series vs RCH-Pinguïns. photo: courtesy of Jan Kruijdenberg Fotografie RCH-Pinguïns 7 - 3 Silicon …

Baseball 4 Equador needs your help

Baseball 4 Equador is a charity initiated by Dutch Ed Slingerland. Baseball 4 Equador is part of the charity organization of Young Life, a company that is dealing in 100% essential natural oils and of which the owner started his charity fo build a school for children of people in Equador that worked for his …

Final standings Dutch overgangsklasse set….after a lot of hustle and bustle

Last week, you could read here about a boneheaded move by the KNBSB that led to a huge discussion on Facebook. Due to the use of an "iniquitous" player, Tridents, the farm team of Curaçao Neptunus, was punished. The KNBSB deducted two points from their total in the standings and the game in which they …

Battle for promotion in Dutch overgangsklasse not done yet

Since last weekend, the teams who will participate in the promotion/relegation group seemed to be set. Next to the three Dutch hoofdklasse clubs DSS, Pickles UVV and De Glaskoning Twins, three clubs from the overgangsklasse (one level below the hoofdklasse) appeared to be Storks (The Hague), Onze Gezellen (Haarlem) and Quick Amersfoort. But a fourth …

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