Also HCAW Snags Away a Lot of Players From Competitors

In the annual merry-go-round called the transfer period, also HCAW has roamed the Dutch hoofdklasse in an attempt to close the gap between the top two (L&D Amsterdam Pirates and Curaçao Neptunus). In total, the club from Bussum, hired nine (!) new players which it mainly got from other hoofdklasse clubs. Pitching: Gio de Graauw …

Late reinforcements for De Glaskoning Twins

After the whole rotation left the club after the transition period last year, De Glaskoning Twins had to look for new starting pitchers. They found them traditionally in Japan but also in Australia. But next two pitchers the club made some surprising acquisitions to complete their roster. The pitcher from Japan is Yuto Onodera. The …

Danny Rombley calls it a career

L&D Amsterdam Pirates announced today that Dutch hoofdklasse player, former minor leaguer and former Dutch national team player Danny Rombley has decided to call it a career. The 38-year old outfielder has decided to focus on his professional career. Rombley debuted in 1997 in the Dutch hoofdklasse with HCAW from Bussum. In 1998, Danny played for …

Dutch playoffs 2017: Heijstek goes deep for win

As a deluge hit the Netherlands in the past days, all games but one were canceled. Only the game between Hoofddorp Pioniers and L&D Amsterdam was played. Both teams were each other's match but in the end, L&D Amsterdam prevailed as they scored a run in the ninth to clinch a 5-4 victory. It was …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2017: L&D Amsterdam Pirates stays at the right side of the score

In a close game between L&D Amsterdam Pirates and Curaçao Neptunus, the Amsterdam based team barely stayed at the right side of the score. In the ninth inning, Neptunus came within one run of Pirates but their rally fell short, so Pirates took the 5-4 win home. Both teams did not score in the first …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2017: L&D Amsterdam Pirates crushes Curaçao Neptunus in Rotterdam

More than four weeks after the club failed to reach the final of the European Champions Cup and three weeks after they fell to De Glaskoning Twins, L&D Amsterdam showed it was a misstep as they humiliated Curaçao Neptunus in seven innings by beating them 12-0. The team as a whole did well, but two players …

European Champions Cup 2017: There will be a new champion

Yesterday, Curaçao Neptunus beat T&A San Marino in a rather lopsided game in which the Italians could not get a grip on Diegomar Markwell's pitches. In the other semi-final, L&D Amsterdam just stayed at the wrong side of the score as they fought their way back after trailing 7-0.  T&A San Marino  1  -  7 …

Holland Series 2016, game one: L&D Amsterdam Pirates wins nail biter

What appeared to become a game in which L&D Amsterdam Pirates did not have much of a chance to close the gap as they trailed 5-2, turned into a nail biter. The Amsterdam based team managed to tie the game in the final inning, so extra innings were needed. L&D Amsterdam Pirates  6  -  5  …

Baseball against cancer raises €15,000

The head of the article is a bit misleading as there were four events that raised the amount. This was the fifth edition of this great event. It started with Zumba against cancer, then last week there was BBQ against cancer, yesterday Softball against cancer and today Baseball against cancer. The last three were organized by …

Dutch Hoofdklasse: L&D Amsterdam Pirates vs Vaessen Pioniers

Tonight the game that was rained out on Saturday, was played. Due to the split results, this appeared to be the rubber game of the three game series. L&D Amsterdam Pirates   7  -  0  Vaessen Pioniers Dennis Burgersdijk took the mound for L&D Amsterdam Pirates and he was practically unhittable for the team from …

Lots of moves for Corendon Kinheim and Vaessen Pioniers, not so much for DSS

Corendon Kinheim and Vaessen Pioniers both have seen a lot of players leave. The Haarlem based club has seen the following players leave. Pim Walsma will leave for the third team of L&D Amsterdam Pirates (called the Mokum Hawks). Mervin Gario will head to Hoofddorp to join Pioniers. First baseman Jeffrey Arends will join Oosterhout …

L&D Amsterdam Pirates attract three new players for 2016

On their website, L&D Amsterdam announced that they have acquired three new players. Next to the three newbies, a couple of players left the club in a search for greener pastures. Of the new players that will reinforce the team, two are playing for the national team. Gilmer Lampe and Danny Rombley will reinforce the …

Rosters of the Dutch All Star Game presented

Yesterday the rosters of the Dutch All Star game were announced. There is a slight change regarding to previous years with the forming of the teams. In the previous years you had a North team and a South team. North mainly cointaining players form L&D Amsterdam Pirates, Corendon Kinheim, Vaessen Pioniers and HCAW. The South …

European Cup 2014: Dutch unbeaten to next round

There was never any doubt if the Dutch would beat Russia. But for a long time it looked like the Russians could force the Dutch into nine innings. Dutch team manager Steve Janssen started a couple of bench players: Jurrian Koks (SP), Danny Rombley (RF), Gilmer Lampe (LF) and Dashenko Ricardo (C). After three innings …

European Cup 2014: Dutch play their short game vs Croatia

In today's second game in Ostrava (Czech Republic), the Dutch took on Croatia. Ostrava was lucky since Regensburg in Germany was bothered by the rain and the first game there was rained out. The Dutch were the road team and started the game at bat. Hainley Statia led off but grounded out to first base …

European Cup 2014: Final roster of team Netherlands and Italy

The final roster for the Dutch has been published. To me there are some surprises. The last cuts have been made by manager Steve Janssen. After Roger Bernadina was called up to the Majors, one cut didn't have to be made. Now a second one doesn't need to be made. Juan Carlos Sulbaran has been …

France International Baseball Tournament: Dutch win not convincing

Tonight the Dutch got their "revenge" for the 12-8 loss vs France last night. The Dutch won 3-2, but the win wasn't convincing. The Dutch started with Rob Cordemans on the mound. The hero of the 2011 World Cup final recently burned his hand and was pulled after one inning in which he allowed one …

European Cup 2014: Dutch provisional roster

Less than a day after I posted the probables, the Dutch baseball and softball federation (KNBSB) announced the provisional roster of the Dutch national team.The Dutch will go to Sénart with the following players* :Pitchers:Rob Cordemans (L&D Amsterdam Pirates) Diegomar Markwell  (DOOR Neptunus)David Bergman (Corendon Kinhiem)Kevin Heijstek (L&D Amsterdam Pirates)Orlando Yntema (DOOR Neptunus)Wendell Floranus  (Gulf …

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