2021 European Championship: Israel Advances to Final After Convincing Win

Shortly before midnight, the dream of team Italy to win the European championship in its own country, shattered. Team Israel shoved the Azzurri aside as the tactics of manager Nate Fish worked pretty well.

2021 European Championship Groups drawn | Dutch Baseball Hangout

Italy  5  –  11  Israel
ITA flagWhen Italy took a 3-0 lead in the first inning, it looked like Israel was no match. But after two innings, the score was tied at four. From there, the Italian offense stalled but Israel’s started to catch fire. 
After being hit hard in the first inning and allowing another run in the second, Israel’s starter Schlo Lipetz settled down and kept the Italian lineup off balance with his off speed stuff through six innings. In the seventh, Nate Fish guided Charles Rossman to the mound. Rossman appeared to be a more conventional pitcher but still the Italians could not get a grip on his pitches. After 1.1 inning of work, Rossman hadn’t allowed a run. 
Israel’s offense on the other hand, seized the opportunities it got. In three innings, the team scored three runs, leading to a comfortable lead. 
In the ninth inning, Italy scored one more run when Leo Ferrini touched home plate on a single by Noel Gonzalez, reaching the final score. 
Schlo Lipetz earned the win. In six innings, he allowed four runs on six hits and a walk and struck out three. Nicola Garbella took the loss. In 1.2 innings, he allowed three runs on five hits and a walk and struck out four. ISR flag
Mitch Glasser was Israel’s best hitter as he went 2 for 4 with two doubles, four RBI and two runs scored. 

Team Kingdom of the Netherlands should warned and should not underestimate this team Israel. Even though the team doesn’t have as many Americans on its roster as it did with the Olympics (still 52% though), the team still made it to the final thanks to the shrewd tactics of manager Nate Fish. 

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