New Adelaide Giants Owners Envision State of The Art Ballpark

According to the website of the Australian Baseball League, the new owner of the Adelaide Giants, is aiming for a multi-million-dollar, state of the art ballpark in the Southern Australian city.

Construction company Pelligra bought the license of the Adelaide Giants from the Adelaide Football Club, who transformed the Adelaide Bite into the Giants as the club also made it to the 2020/2021 ABL Championship Series.

Ross Pelligra says a number of potential sites for a new stadium, which would seat around 5,000 fans and cost up to $40m to build, have already been identified.

The chairman states: “I want to build a stadium that’s to Olympic standard, international standard – the project cost of something like this is going to be between $35m and $40m. We’ve started looking at potential sites and we’re getting our design team to look at what other international standard stadiums look like overseas, and then we’ll look at how that fits into the potential sites.”

One can wonder if a ballpark with a capacity of 5,000 fans isn’t much to big for a club like the Giants. The average attendance hovers somewhere between 400 and 1,000, so the ballpark would look very empty during regular season games. perhaps it is better to adapt the capacity to the real occupancy. Even in a (still) baseball crazed country like the USA, minor league ballparks hardly reach the capacity during regular season games. Of course there are some exceptions like the Dayton Dragons, who sell out every game.

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