Dutch Roster For U23 European Championship Presented

Team manager of the Dutch U23 team, Sydney de Jong has released the roster for the team that will participate in this years U23 European Championship that will be played from August 24 through August 28 in Verona, Italy.

Dutch present roster for U18 European Championship | Dutch Baseball Hangout

Next to several players that have played for the team before, there are some that are new.
For example, Jayden Gonesh (pitcher), Yurdion Martie (catcher) and Sheadion Jamanika (1B). All three playing with Silicon Storks and have hoofdklasse experience.

Manager de Jong also added several players with college experience. For example Dave Janssen and Julian Rip. It is really sad that Luuk ter Beek got injured due to an accident earlier this week, otherwise the team would have had a very reliable pitcher in him.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands will play in Group B with Belgium, Germany and Ukraine as opponents. The top two finishers will advance to the semi-finals and the two teams that will make the final will earn a ticket for the 2022 U23 World Championship.

The roster contains the following names:

Aaron de GrootCuraçao Neptunus
Raf CocuTwins Oosterhout
Jayden GoneshSilicon Storks
Naut KragtL&D Amsterdam
Scott PrinsHoofddorp Pioniers
Gio de GraauwL&D Amsterdam
Jasper ElfrinkHCAW
Koen PostelmansTwins Oosterhout
Kevin BakkerCuraçao Neptunus
Dave JanssenTwins Ooosterhout
Yurdion MartieSilicon Storks
Delano SelassaL&D Amsterdam
Tyriq KempTwins Oosterhout
Tommy van de SandenDSS/Kinheim
Sheadion JamanikaSilicon Storks
Diamond SilberieTwins Oosterhout
Julian RipHCAW
Max KopsTwins Oosterhout
Jeandro TrompHCAW
Ruendrick PiternellaTwins Oosterhout

It is surprising to see that the core of the team does not come from clubs like Curaçao Neptunus or L&D Amsterdam Pirates. There is a big variety of players. Oosterhout Twins sends the most players: seven. For the rest the Hoofdklasse clubs are rather evenly represented.

Oosterhout Twins 7
L&D Amsterdam Pirates 3
Silicon Storks 3
Curaçao Neptunus 2
DSS/Kinheim 1
Hoofddorp Pioniers 1

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