2021 Federations Cup Hit by Cancellations

Next week, the CEB’s Federations Cup, hosted by the Brasschaat Braves, will take place. But what was intended to be a six-team tournament, has been scaled down to a tree-team event.

The original placard of the 2021 Federations Cup with still six nations flags on it

Originally, the following teams would participate: Vienna Wanderers (Austria), Nada Split, Olimpija Karlovac (both from Croatia), Russtar (Russia), Sundyberg Heat (Sweden), and host Brasschaat Braves (Belgium).

But the tournament was hit by two cancellations in the past weeks as the Sundyberg Heat and Russtar announced they would not participate. The Heat made clear that they did not want to take any risks due to COVID-19. Russtar announced it would be very difficult for them to participate due to all COVID regulations ( especially the one week quarantine).

A new four-team schedule was created and published by the CEB and the Brasschaat Braves.

But if two cancellations were not bad enough, Nada Split also announced to withdraw the other day because of COVID contaminations on the team. The cancellation is even this recent, that the schedule at the website of the CEB wasn’t even adapted yet at the moment of writing this blogpost.

The new schedule of the tournament is as follows:

Let’s hope no other team will withdraw for whatever reason. Otherwise one can wonder if two teams can play a tournament. Perhaps, the CEB can decide on a five game “championship” series to wind up a winner of this year’s Federations Cup in this worst case scenario.

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