2021 Dutch hoofdklasse: Round 9, Day 3

On the third day of the ninth round in the Dutch hoofdklasse, the following games were scheduled: Hoofddorp Pioniers @ HCAW, Oosterhout Twins @ DSS/Kinheim, and Quick Amersfoort @ Silicon Storks.

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-29 om 16.40.29

Hoofddorp Pioniers  0  –  1  HCAW
PIO flagThe ultimate low scoring game in Bussum today. Until the fifth inning, Pioniers starter, Ryan Huntington, was on no-hit course. But in the bottom of the fifth, HCAW was the first (and eventually) the only who struck. Max Draijer drove in the only run of the game on a single to center field. In the previous innings, Hoofddorp had some runners in scoring position but the team didn’t cash in. In the sixth inning, HCAW also had an opportunity to extend their lead with a runner on third but also the team from Bussum failed to take advantage. 
Dennis Burgersdijk proved his value for HCAW once again. He pitched a complete game in which he gave up six hits and fanned seven for the win. Ryan Huntington took the loss. In six innings, he gave up HCAW’s sole run on five hits and a walk and struck out three. 
In this low scoring game, there were not many base hits. Kevin Dirksen was the best hitter for HCAW, going 2 for 4. 

Oosterhout Twins  8  –  3  DSS/Kinheim
Oosterhout Twins completed the sweep today. After yesterday’s flattered come-back-from-behind win, today’s win was a regular one. DSS/Kinheim took the lead in the third inning when Teisei Nakamura loaded the bases with three walks (one intentional) before Aidan Finnegan hit a sac fly to drive in Bram Blokker. A double by the red hot Joshua Zara, drove in two runs to hand Twins the lead. In the bottom of the fifth, Aidan Finnegan once again drove in a run for DSS/Kinheim to tie the game at two. In the top of the sixth, Twins scored thrice and never looked back. It would score three more runs and DSS/Kinheim would cross home plate once more. 
Teisei Nakamura still isn’t his old self as he was replaced after the third inning. He didn’t allow a hit but walked six though and gave up one run. He also struck out four. He was replaced by Stefan Iannelli, who pitched four innings in relief and allowed one hit on one hit and two walks and struck out one for the win. Glenn Wassink was tabbed with the loss. In six innings, he gave up five runs on nine hits and two walks and struck out six. 
Twins’ best batter was Max Kops, who went 3 for 4 with two RBI and a run scored. 

Quick Amersfoort  6  –  4  Silicon Storks
With a quick start, it looked like Silicon Storks, that seems to have found its groove lately, would sweep Quick Amersfoort today but the latter stayed at the right side of the score.  Storks took a 2-0 lead in the first inning but Quick answered with three runs on two wild pitches and a sac fly in the top of the third inning. But Storks countered with one run in the bottom of the third. But when Quick scored twice in the next inning, it never looked back. 
Storks scored one more run in the bottom of the fifth and Quick would score an insurance run in the top of the eighth. 
Stijn Bruins Slot pitched five innings for the win. He gave up four runs (three earned) on eight hits and three walks and struck out two. Renaigel Martis took the loss. He gave up the two unearned runs that gave Quick the lead again on two singles and he struck out one in 0.2 inning. 
The best hitter for Quick Amersfoort was the no. nine in the lineup: Pascal Zegwaard. He went 3 for 4 with a double, an RBI and a run scored. 

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