WBSC Reveals Olympic Baseball Rules

The Wordl Baseball and Softball Confederation has published the rules of the Olympic baseball and softball tournament. The Olympic baseball tournament will be played from July 28 through August 7.

WBSC - World Baseball Softball Confederation

The official Olympic baseball rules include:

– 9-inning reglulation games
– 24-player roster
– 20 second clock betwen pitches to speed up the game
– DH allowed
– Managers can challenge calls
– Umpire Video Review
– Extra-inning tie-breaker: Inning starts with runners on first and second base.
– Mercy rule: 5 innings with 15 runs or more, 7 innings with 10-14 runs.
– Official ball: SSK WBSC 540

The baseball tournament will have the following participants:
Japan (no. 1), Korea (no.3), USA (no. 4), Mexico (no. 5), Dominican Republic (no. 7), and Israel (no. 24).

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