Dutch release roster for Olympic Qualifier

The KNBSB, represented by manager Hensley Meulens has released the 26-man roster for the upcoming (final) Olympic Qualifier that will start on June 22nd.

De Wij-wereld van de KNBSB | KNBSB

In the meantime, several countries have pulled back from the tournament. It all started with China, whose decision was likely politically motivated as the tournament was originally scheduled in Taiwan. But then Taiwan was hit hard by a spike in corona contaminations and the tournament was awarded to Mexico after Taiwan decided not to organize the tourney anymore. Also due to the corona virus, Taiwan decided to withdraw its team. And most recently, Australia decided to pull back, also due to corona. So now, only Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and the Kingdom of the Netherlands are the only teams left. Talk about a devaluated tournament.

The team of Kingdom of the Netherlands will contain players from American independent leagues, from the Dutch hoofdklasse, from the German Bundesliga, from the Italian Serie A, and the Mexican independent leagues. The team will be a mix of players from the Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao, and Saint Martin.

The roster contains the following players:

Tom de BlokL&D Amsterdam (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Mike BolsenbroekHeidenheim Heideköpfe (German Bundesliga)
Wendell FloranusTigres de la Angelopolis (Mexico, Independent)
Mike GroenL&D Amsterdam (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Franklin van GurpFree agent
Lars HuijerHCAW (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Jair JurrjensGuerreros de Oaxaca (Mexico, Independent)
Kevin KellyCuraçao Neptunus (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Diegomar MarkwellCuraçao Neptunus (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Shairon MartisFree agent
Juancarlos SulbaranL&D Amsterdam (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Orlando YntemaCuraçao Neptunus (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Sicnarf LoopstokLincoln SaltDogs (USA, American Association)
Dashenko RicardoCuraçao Neptunus (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Yurendell de CasterWildcats (Curaçao)
Calten DaalFree agent
Dwayne KempCuraçao Neptunus (Dutch hoofdklasse)
John PoloniusCuraçao Neptunus (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Juremi ProfarFree agent
Sharlon SchoopFree agent
Curt SmithLincoln SaltDogs (USA, American Association)
Roger BernadinaCuraçao Neptunus (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Randolph OduberHoofddorp Pioniers (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Denzell RichardsonL&D Amsterdam (Dutch hoofdklasse)
Ademar RifaelaFree agent
Jiandido TrompSan Marino (Italy, Serie A)

KingCapGajes - Gajes Kingdom Cap Black/Orange Kroon

Two of the players are debuting with the team: Mike Groen and Jiandido Tromp. Groen was a part of the Dutch U23 team before. Jiandido Tromp is the brother of Chadwick Tromp, who is on the San Francisco Giants’ MLB roster. Jiandido made it to AAA but is playing in Italy in 2021.

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