New Rimini Baseball Launches New Logo

The baseball club that will represent Rimini in the Serie A this season has presented its logo today. The club is a merger/cooperation of five baseball clubs located in the city at the Adriatic Coast.

Below you can see the logos of the clubs that has decided to cooperate to bring Serie A baseball back to Rimini:

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The new logo of the new club also shows a Pirate but a more modernized version than the previous one of A.S.D. Rimini Pirates.

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The new Pirates is drawn in the same position as the older version. On his hat the letters NR are sported, which stands for New Rimini. The original orange club colors are left behind as the new club turns to red, white, and black.

Regarding the shield shape in the new logo, the Facebook page of the club stated the following: The shield, first and foremost, stands for the shape of the game diamond and together the many championships of the past and the goal for the future, the iconography of the cross-clubs in the form of a challenge and the ball on home base, where the game takes place; The writing NEW RIMINI built on a welcoming form that recalls the architecture of the stadium.

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The club also released a secondary logo which sports NR instead of the Pirate. This NR will be the cap logo as well.

The primary logo with the Pirate is nice. The secondary logo is not bad but it ain’t great either. Yours truly cannot cheer on the use of the NR as cap logo.

The restyled Pirate also stands for the future the club is looking at. It is honoring its past but doesn’t forget to look ahead.

Whether you like the new logos or not, it is good that a traditional baseball town like Rimini is back at the highest level of Italian baseball.

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