The farce called Serie A1 continues: Nettuno 2 withdraws as well

After Rangers Redipuglia, Grizzlies Torino, Nettuno Baseball City now Nettuno 2 has announced to withdraw from the 2020 Serie A1 season. As a result, the schedule of which the Dutch Baseball Hangout wrote about earlier this evening, can be thrown away again.

No photo description available.Since the afternoon, a lot of rumors about Nettuno 2 stepping back were floating around. One of the first Italian baseball websites to mention this was

But came with the confirmation later this evening. According to, financial problems were the main reason to step back.

One can only wonder how the FIBS could have let it get this far. In January/February it was already clear that Nettuno Baseball City and Nettuno 2 were facing financial difficulties. Why did the Italian Baseball Federation go on with the two clubs?

The fact is that the four clubs that withdrew from the 2020 season will not be punished and will be allowed to play in the Serie A1 in 2021 again. Perhaps the FIBS should have a really good look at the financial situations of the participating clubs before the 2021 season in order to avoid situations like this.

With six teams remaining now, at least a competition can be played without a team having a bye every week.

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