Layout Of The Italian Serie A

For some days, a list with the new layout of the 2021 Serie A was circulating on the internet. According to several sources, the layout would take the regional alignment into account as much as possible.

Serie A1 Baseball - Presentazione Italian Baseball Series 2020 -

The new alignment will contain seven divisions. Seven divisions of four teams and one of five.

This list was first published by Milano Baseball 1946 ASD but Godo Knights followed swiftly. Before the final layout was hammered out, the 33 Serie A clubs and the FIBS had some talks through a conference call and eventually all approved the list.

The 2021 groups look like this:

No photo description available.

The one thing that absolutely doesn’t make sense is the fact that the team from Cagliari is put into group B, a group with teams from the Milan area. Cagliari is located at the Southern coast of the isle of Sardinia…

Of these thirty-three clubs, the best eight (of the first round) will play to reach the playoffs. The eight best teams will be divided in two groups of four teams. The top one finishers of these two groups will face each other in the Italian Championship Series or Scudetto.

Interesting fact is that the two, three and four finishers of each group will face the teams of the other groups (two against four and three against three) in a best of three series. The three winners of these series will play with the loser of the Italian Championship Series for a second spot in the European Champions Cup of the following year.

The twenty five other teams that did not make it through the first round, will be divided in five groups. These five groups will battle for survival in the Serie A. The five teams that finish last in these groups will be demoted to the Serie B.

The projected starting date of the 2021 Serie A is the weekend of May 7-8.

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