Corona news around the minors or how MLB dictates the rules

Last night (European time), MLB informed AAA clubs that the AAA season will be delayed by a month. MLB uses corona as an excuse. In a statement MLB said the following: “This is a prudent step to complete the Major League and Minor League seasons as safely as possible, and we look forward to having fans back in ballparks across the country very soon.”

In a statement on the website of the Las Vegas Aviators, which was clearly dictated by MLB, the following could be read: “For health and safety reasons, Commissioner Rob Manfred has decided to delay the Triple-A season by approximately four weeks. Delaying the Triple-A season until May will increase the likelihood that Minor League players may be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine prior to the start of the season. As a result, it will be necessary for Major League Clubs to utilize an alternate site arrangement for all Triple-A teams at the beginning of the season. In addition, to the extent that Major League Clubs must replace players on their Active Roster in April as a result of Covid-19 infections, the replacement process can be accomplished more quickly and safely if the Triple-A players are located at the alternate sites.”

It is clear how the truth is twisted here. What this statement doesn’t tell, but certain announcements by MiLB clubs on Instagram do, is that MLB needs the AAA facilities for the safety of their own players. As a result, the players of the AAA clubs have to move elsewhere to make room for the MLB taxi-squads.

MLB wants us to believe it is doing this for the safety for AAA players but in fact it is doing it for its MLB players. As it becomes unsafe for their players to be in the same ballpark with AAA players, the latter have to move. Because of that AAA clubs’ financial income will be delayed by another month. They have no say in it, MLB decides what is happening. Behold the result of the deal that MiLB clubs got shoved down their throats.

Elsewhere in the minors, there was some positive news to be heard. Texas governor Greg Abbott announced to lift the mandatory mask mandate and business restrictions. A wise decision? Likely not but may give Texas minor league teams the possibility to start the season after a year of lacking income. The Frisco Rough Riders released the following statement on Instagram on the issue:

Schermafbeelding 2021-03-03 om 07.52.33

Nothing is said about further measures like capacity restrictions like several MLB ballparks will deal with.

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