Vermont LakeMonsters sold, likely to join Futures League

The former New York-Penn League member, Vermont LakeMonsters will have a new owner. Besides that the club will join the Futures League, a collegiate wood bat league.

Vermont Lake Monsters |

Luckily another team that was abandoned by MLB because of the short term profits for the MLB owners, has likely found a new home. The Vermont LakeMonsters will join one of the many collegiate wood bat leagues on the East Coast.

The owners of the club, Vermont Expos Inc. have agreed on selling the club to the investment group, Nos Amours Baseball Club. Even though it is good that the club will stay alive, being owned by an investment group doesn’t sound all that positive as those groups in general are only looking how to make profit in the shortest possible time. When they don’t succeed, they start to dismantle the parts that cost money or just sell the acquired property.

Anyhow, this deal is depending on a few agreements, including a new lease from the University of Vermont, which owns Historic Centennial Field.

“We have all been fortunate to be able to share our summer evenings with you over the past 28 years. The landscape has changed and this transition will allow the Lake Monsters to create amazing summertime memories for years to come.”, said Kyle Bostwick Lake Monsters Vice President. “We are all looking forward to continuing to root for the home team, and we thank all of our fans, partners, staff, and supporters for an amazing ride.”

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