Spanish División de Honor gets a rebrand

Some baseball news from Spain. The Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation (RFEBS: Real Federación Española de Béisbol y Sófbol) had decided to rename the current highest baseball and softball leagues in the country.

The highest baseball league in Spain is scheduled to start on April 11, barring corona misery.
The RFIBS has announced through a tweet that the league will get a new name.

The new name Spanish Baseball League is easier for people from outside Spain but one can doubt if it is better. Personally I think that the name División de Honor had a better sounding.

Next to the rebranding there will be a change of format. Until this year, the team that finished on top of the standings became the Spanish champion automatically. Starting in 2021, there will be a playoff system  as part of a three-year development plan that aims at boosting the visibility of baseball and softball in the country.

New Logo for Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation - News - Spanish  Baseball Leagues, News - Spanish National Teams, News - Spanish Softball  Leagues - Mister Baseball

According to the President of the RFEBS, Jesus Lisarri, the federation is hoping the rebranding will attract greater interest from the general public.

“We want to have a brand accessible to more people,” he said. “We are also trying to make the most of the various initiatives by the clubs by creating a video streaming platform.”

With the new format, Spain will join the major baseball countries in Europe, where a playoff system was in place already.

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