Baseball Shorts: A Remarkable Player to be Named Later Trade

Most of the time, this item is about things that happened in a far past. Not this time. Today’s subject happened in a very recent past: A player to be named later trade.

No photo description available.

In independent baseball, silly things happen sometimes. Decades ago, a player was traded for a bag of baseballs and a couple of bats. About a week and a half ago, there was a trade between the Milwaukee Milkmen of the American Association and the Gateway Grizzlies of the Frontier League. This trade may not have been as strange as the aforementioned one, but it is remarkable for sure.

The player the Milkmen traded to the Grizzlies was Angel Ventura. The Grizzlies would send a player to be named later. Likely much to the surprise of the Milkmen, the Grizzlies sent back Ventura as the PTBNL, two days later on February 11…

According to the source,, PTBNL trades like this happen more in unaffiliated ball. The reason? No one knows, but it is silly for sure.

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