Baseball Shorts: Butcher Boy

In today’s episode of Baseball Shorts, we pay attention to the term “Butcher Boy.” What does it mean and where does the term come from? Read on and you wil know.

A Butcher Boy is baseball slang for the slash bunt. The intention is to surprise the opponent by faking a (sac) bunt, then pulling the bat back and and swing at the pitch. The move you make with the bat when executing a “butcher boy” is almost like the one a butcher makes when cleaving a piece of meat.

It’s possible you’ll never see this play at the Major League level in your lifetime, but it can be a deadly weapon at the high school level and up.

“Invented” by former New York Yankees manager Casey Stengel, he ordered the maneuver whenever he needed a ground ball.

Here is a fine example of a “butcher boy.”

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