Dutch baseball season postponed by three weeks

Due to the corona crisis, the Dutch hoofdklasse season will start three weeks later than originally scheduled. Instead of Thursday, April 8th, the league will start on Thursday April 29th.

For now the KNBSB (Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation) is counting on a start of the competition in April. But when corona measures of the Dutch government will last longer, it remains to be seen when the Dutch hoofdklasse can start the 2021 season.

The Dutch hoofdklasse has one advantage. The Dutch government has decided that athletes from top sports competitions are allowed to train by two. Sure the players need to play several practice games to get the feeling again but it is not like they could not train all winter but still the preparation is limited.

As soon as the KNBSB comes with more news about the start of the upcoming season, youBKE will read it here.

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