Nettuno Baseball: New Era, New Logo

Recently you could read here, that three teams (Nettuno BC 1945, Nettuno Baseball City and Nettuno 2) merged into one club under the moniker of Nettuno BC 1945. After the club earned a promotion to the Serie A1, it thought it was time to move on under a new flag. And thus a new logo was presented tonight.

In a tweet, Nettuno BC 1945 showed the baseball world its new modern looking logo.

The translation of the tweet: Okay! Today is the right day. January 22nd… The date that means a lot to our city. Today we also present our new N…. Here it is!

May be an image of text that says 'nettuno N'

One thing can be said about the new N. It is very modern, very basic, minimalistic for sure. It isn’t ugly but I liked the previous N better. I am very curious how this N will look on a baseball cap.

For sure with the hectic recent history, in which Nettuno BC 1945 had to fight for the recognition of its national and European titles, which were claimed by Nettuno Baseball City, and in which members of both clubs held a grudge against the other, it is a wise decision to start fresh with a new logo.

But what is behind the new logo? Nothing can be found on the club’s website as it has not been updated with the new logo yet. But a statement about the new logo could be found on the Italian baseball website

The 2021 season officially begins for the Neptune Baseball Club, a season that will be the one that will project our glorious club into the future. The story is behind us and represents the greatness of what our brave players have done in the past, the symbol we will always carry on our shirts with pride and honor.
But now is the time to look to the future. We will do it with great news. With a restyling of our image. Starting with our symbol, the “N”, which has always represented us and will continue to represent us. However, it will be a completely renewed “N”.
In the new symbol, there will be the essence of Neptune Baseball. From the origins to today, with the strength and modernity to project us towards our future! It is with the new “N” that this club wants to start the new cycle and open a new chapter in our long history…
You will discover the new official logo in the next few hours, in the next few days. Just follow our official social pages carefully, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
The future has begun, discover it with us …. # NettunoBaseball #NewLogo”

The club was so nice to answer my question about the whereabouts of this new logo. The club stated that everything about the new logo will be revealed in the coming days.

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