Nettuno Baseball unites

Through its Facebook page, Nettuno BC 1945 announced that all of Nettuno baseball will unite under the flag of the oldest baseball club in Italy.

File:Logo Nettuno BC 1945.png - Wikimedia CommonsThe Facebook post started with a famous statement  made by Julius Ceasar when he crossed the Rubicon river: “The die has been cast.” 

After what has happened in the past decade, it seemed highly unlikely that a move like this would happen. According to the Facebook post, it was a long journey which was certainly not without obstacles. But the unexpected move was driven by the desire to create one team the city of Nettuno and the fans can be proud of.

The desire was there to return to the great times of Nettuno baseball in which the predecessor of Nettuno Baseball Club 1945 was a force to be reckoned with in Italy and in Europe.

The intention of the project is to develop youth sectors in an attempt to build a team that will truly represent the city of Nettuno; trying to build the champions of the future.

With the other two Nettuno teams (Nettuno Baseball City and Nettuno 2) withdrawing from the Serie A1 a few weeks ago, these two did not really have another choice than joining forces with Italy’s oldest baseball club. Financial woes made their continuation extremely difficult.

The Facebook post concluded with the following phrase: “From today baseball Nettuno is back to be one, one and only. Now we run rights to the future.”

For sure a happy day for baseball in Nettuno.

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