On how MLB is ruining the careers of young athletes

I saw this piece of text on Facebook posted there by a guy named Billy Dee. By no means I could have said it any better. It is very spot on. I just want it to share with you as it perfectly describes the result of the mutilation of MiLB by the greedy MLB owners.

The other big demographic of losers in Baseball Armageddon are the players. Around 1,000 paying jobs are going to be lost. They’re to be expected to all play for free (and without worker’s comp) in the absolute glut of amateur summer leagues?
“Hey son, great junior year at Arizona State. Now we want you to come out and play in the stadiums your college hitting coach played in 12 years ago. But unlike him, you won’t get paid. Unlike him, about a third of the guys you’ll compete against this summer can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. And if one of those jobbers hits you with a pitch on your wrist, or tears your knee while you’re making the pivot at second base, or didn’t hear you calling him off on that popup, and you’re waiting for James Andrews to return your call, yeah, you’re just effed.”
A lot more careers are going to end at 18, 20 or 22 that had been the norm. In others words, they’re never going to happen.
That upper-middle class kid from the outer ring of suburbs can do that. It’s an extension of what he’s been doing since he was 10 – playing travel ball three days out of the week as a quasiprofessional child. That upper-middle class kid is the face of American ballplayers in his generation. He is also overwhelming white, in a time when Major League Baseball and its fellow corporate behemoths virtue-signal with empty rhetoric about “inclusiveness” and “diversity.”
Diversity doesn’t put a paycheck in the pocket of that 17-year-old infielder from San Pedro de Macoris who is no longer going to be able to get off the island and wire money back to his family from Johnson City. Inclusiveness doesn’t clear the student debt for that 24-year-old black front-office staffer that graduated from a non-legacy school. That guy busts his ass 12 months out of the year to pull tarp, pick dirty diapers out of the stands after the game, and still show up in a coat and tie from chamber meetings in the middle of winter. And the white working-class kids aren’t even going into the industry as entry-level workers anymore, because fewer and fewer teams are paying their interns. And none of them are paying them even close to a living wage. The only diversity and inclusion going into baseball right now, on or off the field, are the ones who come from money, or are superlative talents.
For the American multi-sport athletes, how is this even going to be a competition? Baseball is guaranteeing every future multi-sport athlete becomes a Kyler Murray rather than a Brian Jordan.

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  1. This article isn’t about politics. It’s about Corporate greed and how it negatively affects young aspiring ballplayers. Maybe you’re fine with that. We’re not. Your boy lost. Get over it.


  2. About 10% of minor leaguers reach the majors. That means MLB is paying for the other 90% who will be simply filling out minor league rosters. That was never going to continue.

    Actually i wouldn’t be surprised if there are more changes to come in the future. Like pulling single A out of the MiLB system and placing it in the complexes.

    We live in a world where cutting costs is happening everywhere and they always start from the bottom. Sad but true.


  3. No matter if the guy is having a socialist meltdown. He is right. It seems to me you are having some socialism-phobia. Again, the guy is hitting the nail on the head. This move is created by the greedy owners only because they don’t want to pay more than they did last year. So now they will pay their minor leaguers a better wage because the SCOTUS is telling them to do so, but after all they don’t spend a dime more than last year.


  4. It is nothing more than an ordinary money grab by the owners. The SCOTUS told them they should pay their minor leaguers better. Now they do but by cutting about 1,050 (=42 teams) they pay about the same amount they did when low rookie and short season was still around. I have read several times that they save about $700,000 per team per year.


  5. The writer of that sounds like he’s having a socialist meltdown.
    It’s not MLBs responsibility to provide jobs to Dominicans.
    Summer collegiate leagues are forbidden to play their players as the players are amateur.
    A former college player cannot play in a summer collegiate league as they are for undergraduates.
    The writer sounds like a social justice warrior blaming the evil rich for having the audacity to want to make changes to a system they pay for.


  6. Well, every Kyler Murray was already going to bust his head for quick money rather than waiting 5 years in the minors before you get a call up to the majors if they haven’t manipulated your service time before that. I don’t believe trimming MiLB is a problem per se, but more MLB monopolizing baseball in general. I read them hooking up with an independent league…that seems odd. Independent teams and leagues should become somewhat the alternative for players/staff/managers that are left out of MLB, but without being attached to the MLB. Now there is a possible chance with the massive layoffs in FO everywhere. Try to lure some of that experience into the independent leagues. How? Don’t know. Perhaps I am just too optimistic for baseball outside of MLB.


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