Hudson Valley adopts Yankee look

Another Minor League team has adopted the look of the parent club. The Hudson Valley Renegades introduced their new look today.

Especially the cap logo ooks like the famous interlocking NY logo of the Yankees.

The Yankee look of the Renegades

The club also adopted the pinstripes. The road uniform looks very similar to that of the parent club.

The only significant difference is the numbering. The Renegades gave it their own twist.

The main logo that sports a raccoon, will get a second main logo that sports a view at the Hudson River with a background of pinstripes.

I really wonder why some MiLB clubs are so eager to give up their own identity. Especially those clubs in the Dodgers organization seem to have an inferiority complex, so they give up their own identity by adopting the Dodgers’ look.

As far as I am concerned, this new look of the Renegades is a big bust.

One Reply to “Hudson Valley adopts Yankee look”

  1. It really is a shame, but it is like the players shaving because of wanting to be a Yankee. Money matters, perhaps they had no other choice but to become an affiliate of the Yankees?


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