Charlotte Knights Become Charlotte Traffic Cones

Since one MiLB club adopted an alternate identity, there hasn’t been a shortage of ideas for other clubs. The latest one is the Charlotte Knights turning into the Charlotte Traffic Cones for one night.

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-21 om 09.53.55

Last night, the Charlotte Traffic Cones saw the light. In a game vs Norfolk Tides, the Charlotte Knights adopted their alternate identity.

The idea to adopt the Traffic Cones moniker was inspired by the growth that Charlotte has experienced over the years, according to the Knights website. People who live in Charlotte know how much the landscape has changed thanks to the workers whose specialty craft is at the forefront of the new buildings that seem to pop up every day. So, while traffic cones may cause drivers or pedestrians the occasional delay or rerouting around a new building’s construction, they are also a reminder of the Queen City’s rise as one of most attractive, fastest-growing cities in the world.


In my humble opinion, this alternate identity is one of the best of the past years. Look at the jerseys. They look like those safety vests that road workers usually wear. To complete the great look, the sleeves of the “baseball jersey” underneath the vest are visible.

The jersey comes with a yellow cap with a traffic cone depicted. The cone is holding a baseball bat and wearing a safety helmet.

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-21 om 09.57.51

The jerseys will be up for auction and the funds raised will benefit The ROC Charlotte, whose mission is to help create a pathway to careers and college in Construction Technologies.

Yours truly hopes that this is a returning promotion. The design of the jerseys is so cool, it deserves to be used more than once.

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