Not many transactions at Oosterhout Twins

Not many changes for Oosterhout Twins | Dutch Baseball Hangout

With the transition period of Dutch baseball ending today, Oosterhout Twins is the first to present its new additions. The core of last year’s team is staying. A total of three have left the hoofdklasse team and there are four new faces.

Perhaps the most surprising addition to the 2021 roster is Urving Kemp. Urving has served a ridiculous four year suspension due to PED use. Where MLB punishes players with eighty games, the KNBSB is more of a believer than the Pope himself. Anyhow, Urving will be a welcome reinforcement in the outfield. Next to him, his father, Adonis Kemp will join the ranks of Twins to become the third base coach. With now three Kemps, Twins starts to be come a family team. 😉

Another welcome addition is Luuk Visser, who is leaving Silicon Storks. The outfielder batted a very decent .314 in the regular season with Storks.

The next addition is pitcher Tyson Quolas, who has left overgangsklasse team UVV from Utrecht. Not much is known about him as the KNBSB doesn’t keep stats of the baseball leagues lower than the hoofdklasse. With UVV he mainly served as an outfielder but took the mound as a reliever when it was necessary.

Another “new” face is pitcher Simon Gross. Simon is not entirely new as he pitched a game or two for Twins last year at the end of the season. Simon is from Berlin where he played for the Berlin Flamingos. Simon is studying in the province of Noord Brabant, so a move to Twins was a logical one.

Of course some players left the flagship team. First of all outfielder Nick Peels, who will join the farm team of the club. Outfielder Brian Biezen will join Quick Amersfoort and shortstop Mick Vos, who came from Curaçao Neptunus last year, will join L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Especially the loss of Vos is quite a blow as he was a reliable player.

Nothing has been said about it yet, but likely Twins will go after a Japanese pitcher again to bolster its rotation.

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